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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Keeping the Tots Entertained During School Time

This year I am just homeschooling Kindergarten.  My preschooler joins in for about half of the lesson if he wants to...usually completing the Unit Study portion but then he disappears for the actual book work.  This lets him feel included enough to go play independently while my K and I finish up.  I also have two toddlers in the house during school time.  Typically they just play but lately that is not working.  The closer he gets to 3 my own 2 year old really wants to be included in school time.  Often he joins us at the table and participates in sensory play but now he wants paper in front of him like his brothers.  For a few days blank paper and crayons worked great but he caught on to that pretty quick. 

I love 3 Dinosaurs, I use her free printables A LOT!! The kids love them and they are easy for me to use for both preschool and Kindergarten.  She has a brand new series called Romping and Roaring ABC Packs.  I had already planned on using them this Summer to help my preschooler review some of his letters before starting Kindergarten.  But the tots are loving them!!  There are several very simple worksheets included in the packs that are perfect for them. It has been a lifesaver.

I want to stress here that not all tots are going to want to do "work" and I personally don't think you should make them...BUT sometimes they will want to and that is okay.  Several other ways to entertain the tots during school time are; sensory bins, busy bags, activity trays, play-doh, blocks, and yeap even cartoons ( I know bad Mom but hey it works!!).

How do you entertain the tots in your house during school time?

On a side note in my house if I don't entertain the tots well enough then one might get into icing color and could potentially dye the floor, a dragon and himself pink;-)

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