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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Day (crafts, worksheets and Dirt Cake)

We love doing outdoor activities and do our best to preserve Mother Nature as we come in contact with it.  I wouldn’t exactly call us a green family but we try.  Go ahead I just dare you to litter in front of my 5 year old….the lecture on personal responsibility and facts about our Planet that follow will be at least 20 minutes long.  We don’t litter in this family… ranks right up there with bullying.  Do we recycle no?  No not as a habit…we will if we are out and it’s convenient but at home it confuses me.  That’s not an excuse but I just haven’t set aside the time to set up a system that works for our house yet without causing a big headache.   It’s on our list of future projects. 

We did several neat projects on Earth Day even the little ones joined in.  First we made watercolor Earths…not the original idea called for coffee filters but we didn’t have any.  If you are like us and live in the land of the Keurig then you probably don’t either ;-)  I improvised with art paper…it’s thicker than regular copy paper.  We colored our Earth with magic markers and then spritzed with water to allow the colors to blend together.  I placed them outside so they would dry quicker.  I won’t lie the coffee filters would of probably worked better but the effect was still pretty neat and we had a blast (yes I made Earth also…I love new art techniques).

After that we had some fun with our dot stampers and some neat printouts.  The older kiddos did a few more complicated color by number worksheets. 

Our final activity for the day was a dirt cake.  This is one of my favorite memories from childhood.  I remember spending the night with my aunt and thinking she was crazy to make a big mess in a flower pot and then call it cake.  BUT I remember it being delicious!!  I thought this would be a great Earth Day snack.  My kids thought  I was losing it…they had never heard of it and when I ask my Husband to grab fake gummy worms, a flower pot and fake flowers on the way home he just gave me a blank look.  Our 5 year old was so concerned that he woke up on Earth Day saying “this is the day we have to eat dirt cake, with worms in it…are you sure about this Mom?”  But they should have had more faith in me because everyone had a blast and it is YUMMY!!!

Dirt Cake Recipe

3 ½ cups of milk

2 ½ packs of Oreos (crushed to dirt texture)

1 cup powdered sugar

2 small packages of instant vanilla pudding

½ stick softened butter

8 oz. cream cheese

12 oz. cool whip

8 inch flower pot, fake flowers and gummy worms are optional.  You can also make it summer themed by putting it in a sand pail.

Mix together the butter and cream cheese until creamy then add your powdered sugar.  Add your milk to your pudding in a separate container (whisking) then let it sit for about 10 minutes.  Whisk the cool whip into your pudding and then combine it with your cream cheese mixture.  Place a layer of foil in the bottom of your flower pot and then add a layer of crushed Oreos.  Alternate all the way to the top between the Oreos and pudding mixture.  Cover the top with remaining crushed Oreos and add your fake flowers and some strategically placed worms ;-)  Enjoy!!!

What did your house do for Earth Day?


  1. My hubby spent the day playing in the dirt and making the earth more beautiful... But he does that everyday. Then we watched a baseball game and enjoyed the nice weather (Little B said it was a "lovely" day!), and listened to our 2-year-old tell us about Earth Day and the fun projects he did to celebrate! ;-)