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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One on One Time Isn't Easy Around Here.....

Finding time for both my Husband and I to have one on one time with each child isn’t exactly a piece of cake.  Sure it’s no problem to give an extra cuddle here and there when no one else is paying attention but I’m talking about official one on one time.  With the oldest it’s a little easier; one of us can steal a few quiet minutes with him to and from school or sports practice occasionally.  The little ones practice sports together ;-)  This past weekend we wanted to make an effort to spend some fun time individually with each kiddo.  We kept it pretty simple.  Dad mowed the yard with the assistance of one every few minutes, one played independently and I pulled the other one aside for arts and crafts.  It worked pretty well….the kids definitely seemed to enjoy it.

Our preschooler was up first with a cute build your own train kit.  He’s been wanted to do it for weeks and we finally squeezed it in.  A craft that would have taken 5 minutes with our 5 yr. old took a little longer.  Weston is pretty detail oriented ;-)  He takes his time with everything and that’s ok…..

Next up was toddler time with our little handful.  He helped me put together March and April’s sensory bins (yes we are running behind).  This only took a few minutes but that’s about all the attention you can ask him for.  He had huge fun playing with them after their completion!! 

Last was the Kindergartener (who is growing way too fast).  Months ago David and I picked up an origami kit at the local dollar store focusing on farm animals (Colton is horse obsessed).  It was a dollar and I’ve had it tucked away for a quiet time activity.  The boys and their Dad love constructing paper airplanes (pretty complicated ones) so I just assumed this would be no big deal. Do I have origami experience?  Well know but I mean it was from the dollar store how hard could it be?  Harder than one might think ;-)  There were three of each animal, I finally managed to complete a rabbit and Colton successfully finished the next two but all of the other animals stumped us.  After an hour we decided this was a good activity for Dad to jump in and finish (which he did).  It’s really a pretty neat project.


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