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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ultimate Planner Review.....Three Planners from Apologia and created by Debra Bell

There is so much information to put in this review that it was hard to put together.  I worked really hard not to overload the readers but I also didn’t want to leave out crucial information.   I think I managed to hit all the right spots so keep reading to learn about a great planner system!!  I didn't want to go on forever with specifics and I could of easily with all the great features instead I tried to give a condensed version that still hit all the greatness!!
I have been reviewing three planners from Apologia created by Debra Bell.  The Ultimate Homeschool Planner, The Ultimate Weekly Planner for Teens and The Ultimate Daily Planner for Students.  The pages of all three are full of bible verses, inspirational quotes and neat trivia questions (these were our favorite).

I utilized the Ultimate Homeschool Planner.  It is a beautiful planner on the outside and inside.  I love purple so this was right up my alley.  There are so many sections in this planner it is easy to get lost in them:-)  The main aspects would be the monthly planner section (a two-page spread that enables you to have your whole month at a glance, and the weekly planner section which has two great options for you (a two-page spread where you can write out detailed lessons for your homeschool classes and a two-page spread that gives you a place to jot down bible plans, a battle plan, prayers, hospitality/outreach and all the little things that happen during your week).  This planner also includes a place to record grades, a year long planning grid, reading list space and somewhere to keep track of activities.  It is a great planner and there is a spot for everything.  I did not use the spaces for the religious aspects but did not have a problem using them for other items. 
My 11 year old 6th grader used the Ultimate Weekly Planner for Teens.  I originally wanted him to use the student planner but he insisted this one was "cooler".  He loves it!! He uses the stickers to decorate his monthly layout and loved being able to shade in the "time trackers" on his daily assignment log.  All in all the Teen Planner has a monthly planning sections, daily assignment section, area for grades, activity schedule and of course STICKERS!!  (You never outgrow stickers)
This knocked the student planner down into the hands of my 5 year old.  He was definitely too young to really use it to it's fullest extent but that didn't keep him from enjoying it.  I would write his tasks for the day and he loved taking the time to check each one of them off.  Of course its also contains stickers so they went a long way towards his rave reviews:-)  The student planner is arranged in a very simple manner perfect for the upper elementary student.  It is one page monthly sections, a great area to write down your weekly assignments, and of course the stickers.  Both the teen and student planners are full of helpful maps, graphs, facts and study tips.  They also give your students a section to write down little tidbits about themselves.  My boys loves this...I mean I remember loving this when I was a kid.  I couldn't wait to write all about myself in my new planners, diary or anything else similar.  It was a way to "make it mine".   


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  1. Nice review. I totally agree, "You never outgrow stickers". :)