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Monday, April 8, 2013

What is an "old soul"?

Just sharing my thoughts this morning………………………………..

Have you ever heard the expression “old soul”? 

Our five year old definitely fits that description.  We are constantly joking that he is an eighty year old man trapped in a five year old’s body. 

-          He would rather watch the news in the morning then cartoons.

-          He pees about a hundred times a day and all night.

-          He wakes up every morning with various body aches.

-          He talks a lot about all the stuff he did years ago…you know back when he was little.

-          He loves to work outside, he’s happiest doing manual labor as long as he has fresh air.

Each day another aspect of his personality comes out that makes me realize just how special he is.  He also cracks us up ;-)  Do you have an “old soul” at your house?  Share some of their characteristics.

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