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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Being a Mom...What you thought that meant!!

If you know me you know that I love being a Mom.   Does that mean my kids never drive me crazy??  Of course not….but you love them even during those times.  I don’t think anyone is ever truly prepared to be a parent until you are one but I definitely wasn’t prepared for all the sentences that would come out of my mouth on a day to day basis while parenting four boys.  I thought being a Mom meant I would spend countless hours with my loving, behaved, well groomed children (and I do) but what it also means is that I spend countless hours with my whiny, out of control, mismatched children shaking my head in disbelief at the things they do and say and the things they cause me to say;-)

Things I Never Thought I’d Say…..

1.    No!!  You can’t take a nap in the dryer.

2.    Please don’t lick your brother.

3.     Don’t lick the dog!!!

4.    Don’t lick shoes!!!

5.    Stop licking everything!!!!

6.    Don’t put crackers in your ears!

7.    The rabbit can’t fly, STOP!!

8.    “Spit it out!!”  NO!!! I don’t mean actually spit just say what you were trying to say.

9.    Those are not chips they are dry au gratin potatoes, you like them okay then snack away:-)

10.                       Don’t put that down your pants!!


These are just a few odd statements…I’m leaving out all the completely inappropriate comments made about private stuff lol.  Each day one of my boys catches me off guard with something…just this morning my little mouse says to his brother after winning a game “Take that white boy!!”  Our follow up conversation went like this (after I stopped laughing hysterically).  Why did you call your brother a white boy?  “Because he’s white.”  Yes but so are you.  “No I am brown, look at him he looks like a ghost!”  I could of gave them a long lecture about politically correct comments but guess what they aren’t being politically incorrect…they are being literal….they are just being kids!!!  They are going to say things that make you duck your head in shame should you have the misfortune of being out in public, crack up if you are in the comfort of your own home, and sit in bewildered shock while you try to decide just where that thought came from.  My advice to you from one Mom to another…Don’t over analyze, don’t freak out because of an off- hand comment a 3 year makes that would be completely shameful should an adult make it, don’t stress about your parenting skills when you find yourself saying stuff that in your pre-parenting life you never imagine having to say to another human.  Kids are well odd sometimes… 5 year old spends hours talking about his Sister (we have all boys), and huge detailed experiences from when “he used to be a little kid” (they never happened).  The 2 year old well he sometimes goes a whole day with only growling as his way of communication (he also crawls around on his hands and knees the whole day).  I could let these things send me into nervous breakdown mode wondering how I screwed up my children…instead I just say they have great imaginations and secretly cross my fingers behind my back that they turn out okay ;-)  Do your best and embrace the quirkiness of your kids….they won’t fit into the mold of “normal” (normal is over rated anyways) but guess what that just means you are raising them to be independent thinkers with unique personalities.


As Moms we worry, we compare ourselves to other Moms, and yes we even judge other Moms.  Stop that!!!  And remember next time you’re out and about and see another Mom with “that” kid and think to yourself what kind of parent is she to make her children act like that…..there’s a pretty good chance at some point or another someone has thought the same of you. 
Oh and just FYI the 2 year old is the licker....he licks everything!!!;-)  I'm hoping he outgrows it.

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