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Friday, June 14, 2013

Top 25 Reasons Why I Love My Husband.....Happy Father's Day!!!

Father’s Day is Sunday… house is lucky enough to have an extraordinary Father. My Husband is one of the most wonderful men in the World….and he is hands down the best Dad.  Sometimes I forget just how lucky I am and with life I’m sure others do also.  In honor of all the wonderful Dads out there I am doing a brief post on all the reasons why I love my Husband and our boys love their Daddy.


1.     He loves us

2.     He plays with our kids

3.     He gives baths

4.     He does dishes

5.     He works hard

6.     He is always laughing

7.     He gives great hugs

8.     He spoils me

9.     He spoils our kids

10.  He “babysits” I don’t think it’s babysitting if they are your kids but I’ve learned some Dads do ;-)

11.  He tolerates our love for animals, and doesn’t object too loudly when we choose to add another one

12.  He has gorgeous eyes

13.  He lets me hide in the bathtub with a book

14.  He does school with the boys if we need him to

15.  He takes us places

16.  He can cook (not grill but cook) ;-)

17.  He makes sure we are taken care of

18.  He is my best friend

19.  He helps our boys with whatever sport they decide to undertake

20.  He is our house “techie” if it has wires and needs to be hooked up he is the   guy to go to

21.  He tolerates my obsessive personality

22.  He tolerates my insanity

23.  He tolerates the insanity in the two kids I passed it down to ;-)

24.  He drives everywhere (I hate driving)

25.  He is HOT

 Here are some of the reasons the boys had…..

1.     He plays video games

2.     He fixes things

3.     He wrestles with us

4.     He’s going to build us a tree house (not sure Dad knows about this one yet)

5.     He makes us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

6.     He takes us on nature walks

7.     He plays with Legos

8.     He buys us ice-cream

9.     He’s our Daddy

10.  He is the best!!


 I am stopping at 25 and I stopped the boys’ list at 10 because even though we could go on for 100’s I don’t really think you want to read them all.  Take this post as a reminder to appreciate all those great Dad’s you have in your house. 
Thanks to Pinterest we are now all little craft experts (or we try to be) but take a second and do some of those cute gifts for Dad with your kids.  Years down the road he will remember those a lot better than the new polo shirt. 

Some of my favs….decorating coffee mugs, candy grams, handprint t-shirts, candy, cakes, basically any sweet, let the kids help make Dad’s favorite meal, homemade cards, or the best gift ever spend the day as a family doing some of Dad’s favorite activities!!


Happy Father’s Day to all the Great Dad’s out there!!!


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