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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ooka Island......Reading Program Review

Ooka Island is a wonderful learn to read game for children ages 3-7.  It is a beautiful program, the colors are bright and the characters are adorable.  My boys loved the music and the voices as the traveled around Ooka island.   I loved this program unfortunately we had a hard time navigating it due to our internet, this is not a problem with the product but rather a problem with living in the middle of nowhere and having limited internet options. 

The program is put together in a great way, we have used other online reading programs and none of them impressed me as much as Ooka Island as far as the base of the program goes.  I love the learning plan behind Ooka, I love that children just don't have free range to spend hours on non learning parts of the adventure, I even love the fact that you get to rescue Ooka Elves;-) (I'm a sucker for elves)

The best feature of Ooka Island in my opinion besides the fun reading game itself is the Lighthouse.  This is where we go as parents to see what kind of reading progress our kiddos are making.  It gives you every detail you could possible need and even has something called Cheereader that let's you schedule encouraging messages for you child that pop up through out their adventure.  As they work their way through Ooka Island the kids collect ebooks on the appropriate reading level you also have the option to purchase the Ooka Island Books along with lesson plan cards.  The reading chart and the method behind their books is really pretty interesting.
There are a few different options for purchasing Ooka can invest invest in this program as parent for extra reading practice, a homeschool, or a public/private school as a reading tool.   I reviewed the program as a homeschooler so that is the pricing info I'm going to go sure and click the purchasing link above for more info on the other options:-)
Single Student Pricing- $12.94/ per month or $124.95/ per year
Family Pricing (up to 4 students)- $19.95/ per month or $149.95/ per year
Ooka Island has been generous enough to offer the readers of this review a 30% discount on their purchase of this ground breaking reading program.  Be sure and go visit the link below before it slips through your fingers!!

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