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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Saving Memories Forever......Review

I was given the opportunity to review Saving Memories Forever recently.  There are two parts to this program; the app which can be purchased both at itunes or play store for android and the website. There are free options and a premium service ($3.99/mo. Or $40/yr.).
I have to be honest I set up my account via the website but that is it, ever since then I have only used the app.  The program enables anyone to record stories about life and family history in general.  You can pick the age range of the story being told along, add extra story tellers, and even make use of some great question prompts. 
We live within ten minutes of pretty much our entire family so I couldn’t really utilize the app in this manner.  What I did use is it for was recording all those little things my kids do and say throughout the day, you know the things you swear you’ll write down because they were so funny and cute but then you never do.  Having the app on my phone made it very convenient to record them as soon as they happened that way I didn’t forget. 
I think this program would also work great for parents that are away from their children at night or long periods during the day.  It would be a wonderful way for the kids to hear a story read in a special voice or just to hear a quick  “I love you”.  It would also be a great program for military families, imagine being able to hit play at any time and hear the voice of your loved one who is serving away from home.
Saving Memories is a neat program…..there are several ways to utilize it and the app is very easy to navigateJ

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