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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Slightly Unusual Summer Boredom Blasters...Activity 1 (Trampoline and Sidewalk Chalk)

We are a pretty good ways into summer so the kiddos in my house are getting burnt out on our regular activities; pool, lake, park, trampoline, bikes, etc.  After some searching on Pinterest and other websites I found several slightly off the norm activities that I think will be perfect for blasting away that Summer boredom. So we have rearranged and edited some of them to fit our plans.  Slightly Unusual Summer Boredom Blasters will be an ongoing series from now until August!!  There will be at least 2 activities per week and sometimes we will even do 5.


First up……

Lots of us have trampolines in our yards.  My kids love ours and use it often.  Plus sidewalk chalk is usually a staple at any household that has kids.  I found a great pin that suggested letting your kids draw on your trampoline with sidewalk chalk.  I just knew the kids would jump on this idea….boy was I wrong!!! I suggested it for 3 days before they finally decided to try it.  They just didn’t understand why I wanted them to draw on the trampoline(they don’t hesitate nearly as much when drawing on walls without permission but whatever…..) after lots of convincing and the big boys supporting it they finally decided to go for it.  They LOVED it!!!!  It entertained the masses for about 1.5 hrs. the other afternoon and that is definitely considered a successful activity in this houseJ


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