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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Slightly Unusual Summer Boredom Blasters......Activity 2 (Paint-Filled Eggshells)

Eggshells and paint….I just couldn’t pass this up!!!  We love Art around here and I like to encourage messy play as much as possible since we are all a little sensory unfriendly ;-) 

 Take empty egg shells leaving them as much intact as possible and fill them up with paint.  Then pick your surface, ours was a huge piece of art paper that I laid out in the yard.  Sling those paint filled eggs at the paper as hard as you can and watch as the masterpiece is created.  I did this activity with the smaller ones and they had a blast but they struggled with getting enough power in their throws to effectively shatter the eggshells so I think it would be even better with slightly older kids.  I also think it would have been better to hang the paper up and throw the eggs however I didn’t have a surface I was willing to sacrifice.  BUT it turned out pretty well and Mommy had a blast helping along the process at the end (great stress reliever)!!


 Ignore my gross muffin tin, I had to use my old, old one.  I saved an egg carton to use but my wonderful Husband threw it away (along with the pizza boxes I had saved for solar ovens)…’s a good thing he’s cute!!!


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