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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Slightly Unusual Summer Boredom Blasters......Activity 3 (Condensed Milk Painting)

This is an art project I’ve wanted to try for some time and today seemed like a great chance.  I invited my niece over for school with the boys and after we finished doing our Summer Learning packet by 3 Dinosaurs we broke out the paintbrushes. 

What you will need;

Condensed milk, food coloring, paintbrushes, thick art paper, water, and ice cube trays or small bowls.

 This was so much fun!! We will definitely be doing it again and the finished products are beautiful!!  The bright colors and shiny surface makes them very eye catching.  The only downfall is that once the kiddos (and the dog) realized how amazingly sweet these paints were it was hard to keep them from having a lick fest ;-)  It is super easy just mixed the condensed milk in with the food colors you wish to use and paint away (remember to rinse those brushes off between colors but make sure to dry the excess water off the brush by blotting a paper towel).  We used thick paper made especially for painting and I definitely recommend a heavy paper for this activity, the “paint” is thick so it needs a sturdy surface. 


After they are finished be prepared to give them a day to dry……mine along with the older kiddos’ were dry in a hour but the toddlers put their paint on a little thicker so they took much longer.
 The two older boys did a fantastic job designing their dinosaur scene and portrait of Daddy.  The toddlers went with more of an abstract theme;-)

Mommy had to play also....look how shiny!!!

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