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Thursday, June 27, 2013

To Chore or Not to Chore.....Getting Kids to Embrace Household Responsibility

Chore charts have always been a thorn in my side.  I would make them and by make I mean spend days obsessing over them until I had every single detail the way I wanted.  Then I would call a family meeting to explain the new chore system to the family, hang the chart up AND forget completely about it after the next few days.  We tried reward systems; if the boys finished their assigned chores then they received an allowance or a weekly treat.  But regardless of what I offered the boys would not step up to their responsibility of their chores.  I still spent “chore” time yelling and pleading for chores to be done….in the end I just did them myself.  Eventually I would give up on even attempting to follow the chore chart.

As time has gone on and the boys have gotten older the amount of daily chores in this house that fall to my shoulders and my Husband’s is getting a bit much.  We started slowly trying to encourage the boys to just step up and help when they saw it was needed BUT well if you have kids you know that method isn’t always successful.  Recently during a discussion with fellow homeschool Moms we spent some time going over different chore chart/system options.  One that caught my eye was an all-inclusive chore chart.  For this system you write down every chore that needs to be completed in your house for each specific time frame.  Then you can decide if you wish to offer incentives to go along with the chores.  My Husband and I chose a system that listed chores per day and came up with an earnings chart to use with it.  Whoever completes the chores simply initials the line beside the specific chore and then at the end of the week the earnings are totaled and paid out. The key here is to pay your incentives (cash in our house) as a family, this way each member of the household gets to witness how much the other members are earning.  Not sure about your house but in mine trying to one up a sibling is great motivation ;-)  The best part is that if Mom and Dad do the chores then Mom and Dad get the cash!!  The kids really hate that!!  We are on our 3rd week and it is working great!! The boys have stepped up tremendously.  If they slack one day and Mom or Dad have to pick up the slack then we do, there is no fussing or reprimanding and surprisingly we haven’t really had an issue with that.  We’ve approached the new chore system with a pretty relaxed outlook.  Some days not everything gets checked off the list but even on the worse days we are still getting way more done then what we typically did.  The house is staying in order with much more ease and so much LESS STRESS for Mom!!!! 

I will put in updates every now and then but I think this is one chore chart that will actually continue to work for us.  I am going to attach a copy of our family chore chart and earnings chart.  Feel free to use/edit how you would like or just check out to give you an example of this systemJ

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