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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Slammed Summer!!!

We have had a crazy, hectic Summer.  I guess busy is a good thing but this Mom needs a vacation.  Never again will I plan vacation at the end of Summer....I feel like it's never going to get here!!!

We have been doing school 2-3 days a week using  the 3 Dinosaurs blog and the FREE Jump into Summer Learning printables they offer.  These are great!! I also love all of the other FREE printables found there.

Here is where we stand for next year in the homeschool department;

First up is our rising 1st grader....he is going to continue on with his curriculum from McRuffy, we love how colorful and user friendly it is.  I am going to keep incorporating some Unit Studies into our studies and also pick up Story of the World sometime mid year.  We do Science just about every day of the week so I don't really stress too much on a specific curriculum for that but I love Simple Schooling.  For the rest of the Summer we are brushing up on our reading skills:-)

Next we have the rising Kindergartner (who is so excited he can't see straight).  We will start out the year doing a lot of FREE curriculum from various resources that focus on our basics and then will pick up his official Kindergarten curriculum around Christmas from McRuffy.

Last but not least we have not one, not two but three tots.  I have one, my niece will be joining us and I have one I babysit.  They are all within a few months of each other and will all be 3 by Fall.  Considering they are probably 3 of the most intelligent kiddos I have seen at this age we are going to do lots of fun stuff to encourage them.  The main thing will be a slow adventure using Romping and Roaring ABC packs from 3 Dinosaurs (told you I loved them!!), they also offer great stuff for this age to learn colors, shapes, and numbers.

Of course I will have my rising 7th grader and even though he is public school he still likes to pop in for some Art fun from time to time:-)

How's the planning going for your upcoming school year??

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