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Friday, July 5, 2013

Slightly Unusual Summer Boredom Blasters........Activity 4(3D Hand)

Today's activity was another Pinterest find.   A 3D hand... I have to say this ended up being a little more complicated that what I thought. I of course had to do the little ones but even I struggled keeping everything lined up lol.  The older boys did their own and it turned out pretty well but not exactly like the original picture we had:-)
Start by tracing the hand you want to use....... 
Next use a black marker and trace the tops of the fingers (you need a pretty good lump), draw straight lines out from the fingers, remember to make a new hump/lump each time you get to the surface part of the fingers and hand.  Go all the way down the hand using the black marker every so many spaces. 
To finish you just keep going with whatever colors you want to use alternating until the entire hand is covered!!

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