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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Homeschool Programming Review

We are sort of techies in this house so we were all very excited to get the chance to review the KidCoder Windows and Game Programming (Visual Basic Series) from Homeschool Programming.  It is intended for 6th-12th grade students.

Let me start by saying my favorite part is that it is designed for homeschoolers by homeschooling parents!!

Together Windows and Game Programming make up a full year course.

Windows Programming is the 1st semester-
Course and Videos- $85.00
Course Only- $70.00
Videos Only- $20.00

Game Programming is the 2nd Semester-
Course and Videos- $85.00
Course Only- $70.00
Videos Only- $20.00

You can also buy them together in the VB year deal-
Course and Videos- $145.00
Course Only- $120.00
Videos Only- $30.00

With the program you get a student textbook, answer guide, and lots of student activites.  It is an extremely hands on program.

My Son (7th grade) and Husband did the majority of the product reviewing here.  I can't lie getting the program starting was really frustrating.  It just wouldn't "click" for us.  I had an extremely hard time and turned it completely over to them.  After some initial struggling they were able to get it installed and working.  From that point on they said it was wonderful, they both are adament that the videos are a must for this course.

In the end the program was a hit.  It is sort of pricey but I was unable to find anything in the same league for the price.  We will be purchasing more products from this company in the future.  Drop by their website for more course options and chance to read other reviews!!!

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