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Thursday, October 3, 2013

itooch App Review

My oldest has never struggled with school but English/Language Arts has always been his most challenging class.  This year (his 7th grade year) has required the most effort. 

I wasn't for sure what to expect when I started reviewing the itooch Language Arts 7th grade app for android.  But we like was FREE which is always a plus.  And it is super easy to use and easy for me to keep track of his progress.  It has tons of different excercises for students to complete either in practice or test mode.  If you opt for the free version you must complete the levels in order to unlock the next but paying for the full version will let acces all immediately.  Make sure you check out the different apps offered by itooch.  There are tons!!!

Be sure and check out several other reviews of the itooch products at 

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