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Monday, December 16, 2013

25 Days of December Gifts

This year my Husband and I decided to do the 25 days of December with the boys.   The concept is simple each day from December 1st-25th the boys get to open a gift.  Wait!! Don't start freaking about $$ until you read the details;-)

I really wanted to do this but even to me it sounded crazy....we have four kiddos and money is tight so why am I adding this into our traditions??!!  I have had several people ask "why?,  what are you thinking?, how do you afford it?" so I thought I would clarify with an update on our new tradition.  When I say gift I am using that term loosely most of the gifts for this month have consisted of $1 books, coloring books, $5 Christmas movies, crafts from the dollar store, etc.  Also yes I have four kids but they do not get four separate gifts, there is one gift per day and they must open it together (there is a huge age gap between my oldest son and the four little ones so he is not as entertained as them but I might of been sneaking him some extra little goodies as the month has went on).  If they opened a coloring book then they all pick a picture and color together, if it's a book then we read it together, movie they watch get the idea.  I have also given them crafts to make together (all from the dollar tree) sun catchers, foam trees with stickers, magnets, etc.  They love it!!!

It has probably cost us around $30 for the entire month and has been well worth it......They love opening up their "gifts" and then doing whatever they find inside.  Is it an added expense that isn't necessary well yes probably BUT as the month draws to an end I think they have gotten much more enjoyment out of these little $1 rewards then they typically do the overpriced toys we give them on Christmas morning.

Don't be afraid to add in new traditions or even take away old one that don't fit anymore.  They don't have to be expensive or time consuming...the only goal should be to bring a smile to little faces.

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