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Friday, December 13, 2013

Cherry Play Doh.......

Making out own play doh is one of the favorite activities at our house.  It feels and smells so much better then the store bought stuff (even if you don't add scents).  For Christmas we usually make peppermint play doh. We will probably do that again but the kiddos wanted red so we made red cherry play doh to start with this year.  Follow the same recipe for the peppermint but add in the red food coloring and cherry oil (I use the flavoring oils you would use in candy) in place of the peppermint.

The youngest loves all clay and will play for hours.  This very morning three out of the four kiddos here have been entertaining themselves with our cherry play doh for two and a half hours.  Definitely worth the $2 investment.  Store it in a air tight container or Ziploc bad and it will stay fresh for months!! Enjoy.....

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