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Friday, February 28, 2014

Do You Think They Know??


You know what I'm talking about...that moment when your kid/s find the one nerve you have left and then proceed to do gymnastics on it!!  It doesn't matter what kind of appropriate parenting you try, it doesn't matter when you flip your top on them after the appropriate parenting fails to work, they still just keep on doing it.  Sure they look all innocent and cute and even offer hugs in between there repetitive demands but is that just an act?!?!  I think it is...they know and they use it to their advantage!!  I guess I will just be thankful they are intelligent;-)

So the above was meant to be said in humor (for the most part) but what do you do on days like that?  Today for example; we had a heavy workload due to being behind earlier in the week, the youngest of the bunch refused to sleep last night leading to extreme crankiness and neediness ALL MORNING , the two students finally completed their work but they did it with so much whining I needed cheese to go with it, and my extra has said Mrs. Alecia so many times it's causing my eyes to cross.  And it's not because I was ignoring them or even having a bad parenting day.  Nope,  I was doing it all "right".....they had a balanced breakfast, snack and lunch but they still screeched for drinks and food every 30 seconds....I read to them, we did school including pre-school for the little ones together......we watched some educational shows and even played a game together.  BUT I still have a houseful of high maintenance, hard to please children.  So I handled it by sending them to another room to watch TV and play while I hid in the living room on the computer.  I'm sure there is a better way to solve my problem but at this moment I am choosing to be content that school is finished and no one has been injured.

Do you have these breakdown days in your school/home?  How do you handle it?

I see wine in my future;-)!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!

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