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Thursday, March 20, 2014

How Does Your House Communicate?

Our house communicates A LOT!!! We probably over communicate I mean not one of us knows what "shut up while you're ahead" means;-)  That being said we are probably not the best communicators.  Most of us well okay all of us yell.  I don't think anyone starts out with the intention of yelling but when six people are trying to be heard it just sort of happens.  We have a HUGE problem with bickering among the littles they want to tattle, complain and fuss about just about EVERYTHING.  And I have exhausted myself trying to get them to stop.  I have tried fussing, complaining and yelling back but guess what it hasn't worked (shocking I know).  I posted online in a few groups asking fellow Moms and/or homeschoolers for advice.  I got some great ideas.  Combining several of them I decided to implement some communication rules for our house.  Of course not following the rules will have consequences and those have been explained also.  I am going to put these new rules into effect along with a program called We Choose Virtues.  I was given the chance to review this program awhile back and loved it. 

With a little luck and love I am hoping the two together will help chase the negativity from our house (might do a little smudging also).

If you are interested in reading a review of We Choose Virtues please check out MINE:-)  Enjoy our House Communication Rules BELOW.....

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House Communication Rules


BE KIND- Be sure you are speaking kindly to the person you are with.  If speaking kindly doesn’t work then come find an adult and kindly ask them for help.  Use kind actions, no hitting, name calling or anything else that is not nice.

NO TATTLING- Do not tattle unless someone is in danger.  Tattling will NOT get the person you are tattling on in trouble unless they are hurting you…. it WILL get you in trouble.

NO WHINING- A whiny voice is not a nice voice.  When someone hears whining they do not want to help you they just want to make you be quiet.  Make sure you are a using a nice voice when asking for something or telling someone something.

BE YOU- You are you and only you.  That means that you should only be worrying about what you are doing.  It is not your job to worry about what someone else is doing unless it is hurting you. 



Consequences to NOT Following Above Rules


IF YOU ARE NOT BEING KIND- You will have to say 3 kind things to the person you were speaking to.  If are not being kind in a way that includes fighting over a toy then that toy will be taken away…it does NOT matter who had it first.  If you are hitting or being mean in a way that hurts someone else you will have to visit the thinking spot.

IF YOU TATTLE- If you tattle on someone and you are not hurt then you will have to visit the thinking spot.  Tattling will not be rewarded. 

IF YOU ARE WHINING- If you choose to whine then whatever you say while whining will be ignored.  You will not be heard until you use a nice voice.

NOT BEING YOU- If you are not being you.  If you are worrying about what someone else is saying or doing instead of what you are saying and doing then you will go visit the thinking spot.  Just be you…you are awesome so there is no reason to worry about someone else!!

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