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Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Flower Science/Art Project

Spring is finally here!!! I love Winter but it just will not let go this year for some reason.  Spring and Summer is when our family spends the most time of our favorite activities to do is hiking.  The whole me having a boot on my foot issue has kicked that to the curb for awhile so I haven't exactly been taking advantage of the nice weather.  Today was so beautiful and with cold weather on the horizon again next week I decided to get out and do some exploring with the kiddos:-)

Since everything is starting to bloom we walked around gathering some flowers.  Let me just point out that I know not all of these are actual flowers some are weeds.  I say that because for some people like my Husband who use to work in lawn care it's just too hard not to point out that a lot of the "flowers" the boys pick are technically weeds. 

We brought them all in and spread them out on the table.  We talked a little about what they were, what flowers needed to live, etc.  Then the boys got to work drawing them on their papers.

When they were done we attached each flower next to the ones they drew.  I think they did a pretty awesome job:-)


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