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Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Little Bit of Where We Are

Hi everyone!!  It has been a pretty good while since I have posted anything.  April and May have been absolutely insane.

Let me start with of now I am going to stop doing cakes with everything going on I am going to stop doing all cakes for the rest of 2014.  This includes cakes for my kids....I simply do not have the time.

Homeschool....We somehow managed to survive the end of this year without getting too far behind (we are behind have no doubt but we can catch up).  We plan on reviewing some skills that we covered quickly or skipped all together over the course of the Summer.  We school year round exactly for this reason it keeps me from getting too stressed if we don't get to everything by May.  In August we will start off our new year with a brand new curriculum.   I am super excited to begin Oak Meadow....we will be doing grades 1st and 2nd and starting out the youngest one on their prek program.  It looks like a great hands on experience:-)

Personal....This is the area where April and May have really been challenging.  At the first of April after a long battle with Lupus my Dad passed away.  He had been really sick for awhile but it was still a pretty big shock.  For anyone out there who has had to deal with the aftermath of a loved one passing while still trying to grieve that loved one I am so sorry.  On top of being emotionally and physically draining it is just a headache of a process.  My Sister and I had just started to catch our breath from that when my 6 year old became ill.  A whirlwind ride that started with a routine doctor visit has had us staying a week at children's, then 2 more days for a kidney biopsy, a complete lifestyle change for him and an end result of a diagnosis of Lupus along with a kidney disease they are still trying to pinpoint.  After next week we should have a better idea of what the long term plan is for handling these issues.  I am ready to know exactly what he needs me to do for him.

I just wanted to give an explanation for my blogging slack and my limited involvement in my homeschool group.  We are very fortunate to have wonderful family and friends that have stepped up in all areas of our life to make everything easier!!:)

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