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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Salt and Watercolor Fall Leaves

We celebrated the 1st day of Fall with a new art project.  This was probably one of our favorite activities so far.  We used black glue to outline a printout of leaves.  You may be able to buy black glue somewhere but we just made ours.  Take a bottle of school glue that is about half empty, add black paint until it is about three quarters of the way full then shake.  Once you finish your outlines they will need to dry for at least three hours (we left ours overnight).
The next step is to use watercolor paint and paint your leaves.  Be creative and remember leaves in the Fall have lots of different color variations.  As you finish each leaf and before the watercolor paint drys sprinkle it with salt. 

When they are completely dry you can shake off the extra salt and you are all done.  We decided to cut ours out and glue them to construction paper.  The final result gave us some really neat almost frosted looking leaves.

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