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Monday, December 29, 2014

Saying Goodbye to 2014 and the Hell it Brought With It

2014 has sucked.  I say that not as an exaggeration or a whine; I'm simply stating a fact.  Financially the 1st half of the year was rough but that lead to one good thing, my Husband got a wonderful new job that he loves and it allows him to spend more time with us and gives us a huge step up in the financial department so for that I am thankful. Now before I start explaining our year I want to add that I am thankful for my healthy (mostly) kiddos and my wonderful Husband...this post is not meant to make those seem unimportant it's just a rant.  

In April my Dad passed away after a very long battle with Lupus.  Oddly it caught us all off guard....we knew he was sick and getting worse but I still never expected that phone call that day.  David and I had the kids about an hour away camping for the weekend with friends.  I had to leave them all there and rush back home and he had to stay there and pack up all the equipment and four kids alone.  The next little bit consisted of my Sis and I handling lots of stuff we had no clue about with a side of the family who do good to stay in the same room 5 minutes without getting mad.  Don't get me wrong in this instance that family was GREAT..they all stepped up and had our backs and we love them for it.  It was a very trying time and we are still recouping.   I won't lie and say my Dad was my best friend because he wasn't but he was still my Dad and he was my Sister's best friend.  He is missed everyday.  Without getting a chance to catch our breath from that suddenly our sweet 6 year old was sick, and I don't mean sniffles sick I mean go straight to the ER and be admitted for 2 weeks sick.  That was the scariest thing I have ever experienced in my life, I don't know how Moms and Dads of terminally ill kids handle it.  We spent time in the hospital because his kidneys were shutting down, his platelet count was ZERO and his bloodwork was all messed up.  After throwing the names of several illnesses at us (most of which we had never heard of) they finally started saying one we recognized, Lupus.  God I hate that word!!! One thing did become clear at that point...the whole everything happens for a reason definitely applied here.  That whole experience would of killed my Dad so there was a reason he passed before we were faced with it.  He would of felt responsible and guilty (even though it would not of been his fault at all).  He loved Blondie so much..he was his buddy and before Dad got unable they spent so much time together.  He just wouldn't of been able to handle it.  After awhile we got Colton situated and even though he will have some issues through the years today he is doing great and I am thankful for that.  During this difficult time we had so many great family members and friends that really stepped up and helped....we are very lucky to know and love some awesome people.  Not long after we got Colton home our grandmother (my Dad's Mom) passed away and then I started feeling sick.  I was just exhausted and having massive headaches, we all just assumed it was due to stress but eventually it became such an issue that I went to my doctor.  After several visits, bloodwork, ct scans, er visits we finally got some answers.  Stress so we were partially right and some very funky bloodwork including a positive ANA.  Guess what that points to ?!?!? LUPUS....They are still pinpointing everything with me and thanks to the lovely world of insurance it will probably be another 6 months before we are 100% sure about what is going on.  Needless to say by Summer my Sister and I were thoroughly cussing the year 2014.

Now it wasn't ALL bad but the majority of it was and yes I do realize it could of been worse but at the time it was bad enough.  Some of the good would be my Husband's new job, my Sister and I are closer then EVER, the boys are all doing great, and we acquired a new teenager whom we love!! (I finally got my girl lol).  A semi funny thing that happened well let's say ironic not funny was one of our dogs got injured.  Of course it was on the weekend so we had to go spend astronomical amounts of money at a emergency vet.  He was left overnight for surgery and bloodwork.....upon pickup I was told his blood counts were off.  I jokingly looked at my Hubs and said I wonder if dogs get lupus?  Well guess what.... they do....I mean seriously!!!!! I didn't even let her do further blood tests we just took him and left.

Before we knew it December was here and it was time for Christmas.  I'm not sure why we thought the year would end any better then it started but once again it almost seemed to surprise us.  We like so many other people were struck with the flu. So for the first time in forever my Sister's crew missed Christmas, my Hubs and our youngest couldn't attend Christmas Eve with us and on Christmas morning everyone had to avoid our house to prevent catching the flu.  Now 4 days after Christmas we are all still recovering.  The ones that managed to avoid getting the flu have caught some kind of evil upper respiratory virus.  We are soooo ready for 2015!!!! It has to be a better year!! I can't wait!!!!

Wait I almost forgot my horrific ankle injury that lingered for months!!! I'm never playing Nerf again!!;-) 



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