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Friday, March 6, 2015

Banyan Tree Art Class




     This class was one of my favorites.  I found the idea on Pinterest and opened it up to all ages.  The results were beautiful.  I am big believer in age should not ever be set as a limit for art.  Anyone can create amazing work.   We did this class in two sessions, meeting for both sessions at an awesome local toy store/play zone called Imagination Forest.  The first class we learned a little about what the Banyan tree is and what it is used for then we got out our pencils and began drawing.  When each child had a created their tree to their satisfaction it was time to paint the branches with black paint.  Since each painting needed to dry we ended the class upon the completion of their painting and met up the following week.  The second or third step to these beautiful painting was to color in all the white spaces with oil pastels.  I requested that each student us at least two colors in every space and that they blend them together.  The results were gorgeous!! This will probably be a class we will repeat sometime in the future.  This class was a class I offered via TAG Families a great family resource for events, classes and trips. 

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