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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Koru Naturals Beauty Product Review

I am always on the lookout for new lip products (I have an addiction), and I love natural products so I was super excited to check out the Pure Lanolin Lip Balms and Emu Oil from Koru Naturals for this review.  Koru Naturals is a New Zealand based company that prides itself on natural and high quality products. If you want to learn more about these products after reading this review then be sure to check out their Koru Naturals Facebook.

The first product I tried was the Emu Oil.  It is a heavy duty moisturizing product that is hypoallergenic and all natural.  The suggested uses are full body moisturizing oil, hair conditioner, leave in hair treatment.  Let me start by saying the results after using it a few times were pretty impressive.  I have very dry, coarse, curly hair and this product really packed a punch.  It made my hair shiny, softer and much more manageable.  I used it as a leave in treatment more so then a conditioner just because I believed my hair would benefit the most from that.  If your hair needs a face lift then this product is a great buy, it costs $9.85-$32.40 depending on which size you purchase and you only use a small amount for each treatment.  I also attempted to use the Emu Oil as a body moisturizer and I wasn’t nearly as happy with this use.  Did it moisturize my skin? Yes absolutely.  However I thought it left a very greasy feeling behind and I am not a fan of that.  Since I have super sensitive skin I was glad that this product was hypoallergenic.  When I applied it directly to my skin I did suffer a mild irritation shortly after. I would not call this a reaction and I am going to stress it was very mild.  Each time I used it directly on my skin that area would become red and just a tad itchy.  I did not have this issue when using it as a hair treatment and plan on continuing to use it for that.  


The second product I got to review for Koru Naturals was their Pure Lanolin Lip Balms.  As I mentioned before I have a huge love for lip products.  These lip balms make your lips feel amazing.  You get four tubes of pots for $9.80 and that is a great price for this product.  At first I tried to use them as a constant “chapstick” but I quickly discovered that was not necessary.  They are a thicker consistency and lay heavier on your lips then many lip balms that you buy today so it took a little while to adjust to using them.  I kept trying to adjust though because I absolutely LOVE how they made my lips feel.  I have finally started using them at night only.  I apply the lip balm before bed and I wake up the next morning with super soft, moisturized lips.  This is a great way to get the wonderful benefits of the product without worrying about the heavier feel of it during the day.
Koru Naturals Review

I plan on continuing to use both of the products I was sent by Koru Naturals.  Now sure I have tweaked their uses a little to make them accommodate my daily life better but that is something each individual person can do for themselves.  I love the new feel and look of my lips and hair since I started using these products.  Be sure and check out the other reviews from our awesome Schoolhouse Review Crew!!

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