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Thursday, March 19, 2015

GPA LEARN Review (Great Parents Academy)

Critical Thinking Company Review
     This is one of my favorite products I have been able to review!! My kids absolutely love the GPALOVEMATH program from GPA LEARN.  The GPA stands for Great Parents Academy.  I have been working on this program with both my 1st grader and 2nd grader and they have both excelled.  We will be continuing this program for the rest of the year.  I would love to continue it in upcoming years also.  Now at first the price sort of put me off.  It is a $149 a year per student, right now you can purchase it for $129 using a special discount code found on the GPA LEARN website.  Now if you have more then one kiddo then this seems like a least it did to me.  I mean we are just talking about one subject, Math.  The good news is the you can bring it down into monthly payments of $12.99 per child.  Still not cheap but much more manageable.  After just our first few lessons with this product I decided it was well worth the price.  It would still be nice if it were a little bit more affordable but I am determined to budget this into our school for years to come. 
     We use several products for our Math class; online, paper, and hands on.   GPALOVEMATH can be used on many different devices such as; Windows or Apple Mac computer, Apple iPad, and Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  This was a huge draw for us because the ability to use it on the iPad when we are on the go is always a great thing!!!  We are on the go a lot.

     The best thing about his product in my opinion is the fact that it is colorful, engaging and eye-catching.  My kids are sucked in through three parts of the lesson and they usually get bored easily.  My 1st grader loved PI the penguin and his older brother loved his 2nd grade guide, Adirehs.  Each lesson consists of three parts and with the repetition of the three parts I really felt like the kids got a great grasp on the skill being taught.  The first part of each lesson is the instruction phase...this is where the guide for each grade goes over the new skill being taught and offer several examples of how to solve it and why it is solved that way.  The second part is the practice phase....this gives the kids a change to try out their new found knowledge by answering a handful of questions.  Once they have completed the first and second parts (they can do each section multiple times if they are struggling) then they are ready for the 3rd and final part.  This is the quiz phase...the kids answer a series of 10 questions to see if they have learned, retained, and mastered their new skill.  One great helper for this is that if you have a struggling reader they quiz phase has an option to click on the questions and have them read aloud by the program.  This was a big plus for us because my 1st grader is still learning to read and this extra help allowed him to still take his quizzes independently.
     Be sure and check out this great company on Facebook and Twitter.  If you would like to see what others had to say about this great product GPALOVEMATH offered by GPA LEARN then be sure and click on the banner below to read more reviews!!

GPA Learn Review
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