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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Critical Thinking Review.....Math Analogies Level 1

Critical Thinking Company Review
     This review is for Math Analogies Level 1 (which is for grades 2-3) a product from The Critical Thinking Company . This company offers over 150 different products covering all grades and subjects and I have used a couple of them previously.  I love their products but Math Analogies was not a huge hit in our house.  I love the concept and think that it 100% benefits the kiddos.  I was surprised at the analogies my children struggled with and also surprised at the ones they just sailed right through.  There is no doubt that this product encourages critical thinking skills (did you see what I did there) but for our house it was just a little too dry.  I had a hard time getting the kids to do it and usually they jump at the chance to work on their computer based school.  
     On the plus side Math Analogies Level 1 is a steal at only $6.99 for the Windows download so even though the kids aren't crazy about it I wouldn't hesitate to purchase it.  If I get them to work on it a couple of hours a week then I would call it a success because it requires them to think in ways that our everyday schoolwork does not.  I believe that one of the most important parts of child development that is overlooked is teaching our children to think in a variety of ways.   This product definitely covers a different way then what kids are used to and that is always a plus.  Problem solving skills are so important in our day to day existence and The Critical Thinking Company does a great job of encouraging those skills with this product.  Most kids will probably love it mine are just picky...they need lots of animation and color to keep them engaged.  
     I used this product with my both my 1st grader (he is advance in Math) and my 2nd grader (he's right on level).  My 2nd grader typically struggles more with his school work then my first grader as a general rule but on this product he excelled.  The analogies just seemed to click with his brain (proof that he is an out of the box thinker).  My 1st grader did wonderful it just didn't come as natural to him and I don't think it had anything to do with his grade level.  He excels at his daily work and tends to get "stuck" when I present anything a little different then what he is  accustomed to.  We plan on continuing to use this product for both the boys and will continue to make future purchases from The Critical Thinking Company.  
     Be sure you check out this company on all their social media.  Doing this is a great way to keep up with changes and special announcements that they make.  Plus it helps them no they have support and we want them to know that so they will keep offering these top of the line products!! Like their FACEBOOK page.  Follow them on TWITTER and of course PINTEREST.
    Please go check out the Schoolhouse Review Crew's  main post so that you can see what everyone else had to say about this company and their products.  My fellow reviewers are their to offer you a look into the same product as me Math Analogies Level 1.  And they can also give you a chance to check out other great products such as; Alphabet Song Game,
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Critical Thinking Company Review

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