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Friday, March 13, 2015

FreedomProject Education Review

Freedom Project Education Review 
My 13 year old has been taking an 8 week course based on the book "Mother Should I Trust the Government?".  This course was offered by FreedomProject Education, an accredited private school that offers online classical education for students in grades Kindergarten-12th.  One of the big perks of their courses that they are common core free.  Dalton is a huge history fan, I am not so this course really dragged by for me.  For him once he got past the first couple of weeks he enjoyed it but we had to get him past the first couple of weeks.  We felt like the start of the course was extremely dull.  I understand it is a history class but it did not have a "class" feel in the beginning.  It was very repetitive while at the same time lacking in actual instruction.  Thankfully after the beginning it picked up with the information and conversation being presented.  Dalton loved some of the History facts he learned in the last few weeks of class.  I did try to encourage him to take notes during the course and it would of been great if the PowerPoint presentations had been a little more note taking friendly.  Of course this is a classical curriculum class and we are not overly familiar with classical curriculum so having it more laid out and accessible for those reason might go against the classical grain.  As a whole he enjoyed the course.  I do think a one hour or even a one hour and fifteen minutes class time would of been sufficient, two hours just felt like a little too long .

"Mother Should I Trust the Government?" the book the course is taught on is written by Jake Jacobs and that is also who instructs the class.  Dalton and I both enjoyed the book.  It was a short enough read to not lose my non history loving self and Dalton loved all the facts and interesting tid bits that he learned.  Even though he handled the course great I do not think anyone younger then 13 be able to hang in there.  Some of the information went over his head and mine so a younger child would probably struggle. Two of my favorite things about FreedomProject Education  is that they offer a few classes like the one we took and encourage families to take them together.  That is a great experience and we will probably be taking some of their future courses.  Go check out their 2015 FAMILY CLASSES.  They also have a really good selection of course for elementary school, middle school, and high school.  Also Remember to visit all their social media sites so you can be the first to learn about any new course or changes they add/make to their schedule.   Facebook , Twitter, and YouTube.

Make sure you visit the The Schoolhouse Review Crew  for a chance to read what everyone else had to say about this course and FreedomProject Education.  I can't wait to find out what my fellow reviews thought about this class.

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