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Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Never-Ending Snow 2015

     I realize to everyone that lives or has lived up North all of us down South coming to a complete standstill over a few inches of ice and snow seems ridiculous BUT I am OK with that.  The fact is that here in the South we have lots and lots of curvy, skinny, steep back roads (where the majority of us live) that the road crews simply can't or don't treat.  I detest the phrase "The main roads are fine." well yes they are but my driveway and 3/4  of a mile back road I have to maneuver to reach that main road is most definitely NOT FINE!!
     The past few weeks we have had several small surges of ice and snow.  It has been so cold that the ice and snow decided to linger around for a pretty good chunk of time.  This gave my family and most of everyone else in East TN a serious case of cabin fever.  Regardless playing in the snow is one of our favorite Winter pastimes and so I thought I would share some pictures.  Today the sun is shining and after 3 weeks most of the snow outside is finally gone so I decided I could share some snow pictures without gagging;-)

 The cute young men in the picture above me were warming up with some hot cocoa and tea after a night time adventure of sledding:-)
 Meet Balto, our snow dog, as our youngest calls him;-)
 Even at 32 I love sledding!!!!
 My handsome hubby and 3 youngest boys....our oldest was boycotting the snow......


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