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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Flight and Metamorphosis DVD Review Review
We are huge animal lovers at our house.  It doesn't matter what animal we love to study them, draw them, read about them.  I find myself planning our homeschool day around animals at least 80% of the time.  The kids stay interested if that is the topic which makes things much easier on me.  is a Christian and Family Movie Store that offer a lot of great selection of educational DVDs. They have movies that focus on positive, inspiring material.  Their children and family sections are both full of great, safe family entertainment.  I was recently given the chance to review two of their movies; Flight and Metamorphosis.  Both of these are wildlife documentaries and they were simply beautiful.

While both DVDs are beautiful my kiddos and I really loved Metamorphosis.  We have spent time in school studying the life cycle of a butterfly and this movie showed them what I had had been teaching.  It is over an hour of gorgeous work.  It slowly takes you through each stage of the life-cycle and shows just exactly how it works.  I fully expected my kids to get bored but all of them from the youngest (age four) to the oldest (age thirteen) sat through the whole thing mesmerized.  I even watched the entire thing with them.  Flight was another beautiful DVD.  We are not bird fans in our house but myself and my oldest still enjoyed watching the beauty of their wonder on this video.  Both of these DVDs are filmed in a variety of great locations that you have to appreciate.  The videos by are all very reasonably priced and these two are no different.  Regular price for each DVD is $13.97 but right now they are each on sale for $11.18.  You can also get a blue ray copy for a little over a dollar more.

In the end we will definitely use these movies again during our homeschooling experience.  I was so impressed by the prices and the website that I will probably be making some purchases from them in the future also.

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