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Friday, May 15, 2015

WordsBright...S is for Smiling Sunrise Review

Smiling Sunrise Review 
WordsBright is a small publisher that offers beautiful and wonderful children's books dedicated to learning.  Their book S is for Smiling Sunrise is an education picture book that I was recently able to review.  It is beautiful.  The illustrations are so colorful and vibrant that you can't help but fall in love with the book.  It teaches your children their ABC's with a great rhyming story and even comes with a sign along cd that contains an ABC song.

I read this book to my four year old son and niece as part of our daily routine.  My 1st and 2nd grader know their ABC's by heart but they also still loved the book.  Even my Husband peeked over my shoulder while we were reading to comment on how much he loved the pictures.  This book is perfect for preschoolers and all children in early learning...there is no way the beauty of the book will fail to draw them in and hold their attention.  Since each page comes with a cute rhyme for the letter it is covering it makes it super easy for the kiddos to memorize the letters they are learning.  Since they remember them so well it also means they start recognizing them sooner rather then later.

WordsBright also gives you access to a free printable teacher's guide.  This guide consists of seven great pages on ideas for learning activities and other teaching tips.  The book itself is great alone but with this guide you can go above and beyond to help your children learn and remember their ABC's.  Everything about this book is positive and you can tell that is what they wanted their focus to be.  The rhymes, teaches guide and sign-along song all help teach good values, morals and how to be positive.  Kids are never to young to start learning these important life traits.  Being kind is something that is overlooked way too often in our World today.  It is books like this one that help bring that back to our front and center while still keeping it fun for the kids.  These kids who will soon grow into the adults of our World. The book focuses on beauty, goodness and wonder and the teacher's guide tells you they types of questions you need to ask your kiddos to make that theme sink in.

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Wordsbright Review
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