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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Memoria Press- Latina Christiana I Complete Set Review

Memoria Press Review

One of our favorite curriculum styles is classical.  So for that reason we love the products offered by Memoria Press.  But not only do they offer classical products, those products are classical Christian products and we typically do not use Christian curriculum during our homeschool.  For that reason I was a little unsure about reviewing Latina Christiana 1 Complete Set even though I am a huge believer in teaching Latin.  The Latin language is a beautiful language.  And although in today's World it is often called a "dead language"  I have to disagree.  Latin is used in the base of many words from different languages including English, you will also see Latin pop up often in Science and Law courses.  I believe that Latin is a wonderful language to introduce children to.  They don't have to be fluent to be able to grasp the wonderful history surrounding this beautiful language.  For those reasons alone I shouldn't of been worried, even though we don't use Christian curriculum Memoria Press did such a good job with this particular set that it was very easy for me to present it from a historical viewpoint.
Memoria Press Review

The Latina Christiana 1 Complete Set is a quality curriculum with an affordable price.  The whole set is under $100 and includes; student book, teacher's manual, pronunciation CD, instructional DVDs, and my personal favorite flashcards.  We love flashcards around here and since we were skirting in on the younger recommended age end for this program (my kiddo is a rising 3rd grader) I knew the flashcards would be a key part of our studying.  In my opinion the best part about this program was how detailed the instructions were.  For someone who doesn't exactly excel in teaching Latin (like me) this was a must have.  The teacher's manual did a great job of telling me exactly what I needed to know in order to teach each lesson.  The pronunciation CD was just as helpful for me as it was the kiddo.  I consider myself educated but anytime someone with a Southern accent attempts to teach a foreign language pronunciation becomes well interesting;-)

We would watch the DVD portion on Mondays followed by the workbook assignments, spend Wednesdays reviewing and studying with our flashcards, then when Friday rolled around we would do another quick review before our quiz.  To me the instructional DVD was very easy to follow along with but I did find it a little bland for 3rd graders (and probably 4th and 5th graders).  This is why the flashcards were so key for us, my kiddo thrives with flashcards and they really helped us fill in when he sort of drifted off from paying attention.

Even though I was able to teach it from a historical view point Latina Christiana 1 Complete Set is religious themed.  There are prayers and religious songs the kids memorize so this is something to keep in mind. The CD brought back memories of going to a Catholic Church with a friend when I was a child.  I took four years of French in high school and I've always thought that would be my go to for our foreign language lessons during our homeschooling experience.  But as long as my kiddo is interested I will continue with the Latin lessons as I believe that Latin will greatly strengthen his academic skills as we progress.

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Memoria Press Review
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