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Thursday, June 25, 2015

SmartKidz Media Review

SmartKidz Media Review
SmartKidz Media is a really neat website.  I was super excited to get to review their SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers.  The program is a huge digital resource library for homeschoolers that includes songs, videos, and study guides.  You can choose from sections such as; Family Media- which includes World of Discovery and Music and Fine Arts or Reading and Learning Center- which includes ebooks, baby sign language lessons, animal families, study guides, special needs learning, life skills, songs and a fun zone.  I have never seen anything like this website and I have spent many years exploring homeschool options.  I was and still am very impressed with the content available on their website.  I have enjoyed it just as much as my kids have.

Most of their activities are given in video format but you also have access to some great study guides.  The favorite part for my kiddos was of course all the great animal videos and information.  We are animal obsessed here and this website gives you an unbelievable amount of animal lessons that you can choose from.  I think we watched all the animal videos, and read the animal ebooks in the first few days of exploring the program.  That is all they wanted to do.  I loved the baby sign language section and plan on using it with our new little bundle of joy arriving in Fall.  We used this program several times a week and plan on continuing to use it.

As a homeschooling Mom with a large family I was super relieved to find out that you do not have to have membership for each child.  You pay one fee and get access to a family membership and the best part is that the fee is affordable!! You have the option to pay monthly for only $10 or save some money by purchasing a yearly membership for $99.  The material they provide is well worth the prices and on top of learning my kids were entertained.  There was only one con in my opinion and this isn't a con for most people but we live in a rural area was the amount of Internet you use.  Where we live we do not have access to unlimited data so watching the video definitely impacted our date plan but it is worth it.  As long as I use in conservatively I don't anticipate it being a problem.  But due to this I do wish more of their information was available in printable study guide format.

 Above is a view of one of the awesome study guides......

 This screen shot shows just a a few of the many video lessons available....

 This is one of the bright, fun ebooks offered.....

You can view their catalog and sign up for a membership on their website.  And make sure you check out SmartKidz Media on FACEBOOK and TWITTER
SmartKidz Media Review
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