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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Baby Number 5...It Is A Boy....AND I DIDN'T CRY

So Tuesday was the big day I went to confirm that Baby #5 was a girl just like everyone was telling me.  Even though I knew it was a boy;-)  And guess what its a boy!! A perfect, little, healthy boy.  Now when we found our #4 was a boy  I didn't handle it very well.  Actually I had a complete sobbing, mental breakdown in the middle of the exam room so I can see why people were concerned as I shared the news this time.  But I wasn't disappointed......a boy just makes sense.  That is what my life consists of and I am okay with that.  I am surrounded by boys from my husband to my kids to my dogs.  So just to put everyone's mind to ease we are happily awaiting the arrival of our new baby boy and we can't wait to meet him!!:-) 

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