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Saturday, July 11, 2015

CursiveLogic Review

CursiveLogic gave me a chance to review their CursiveLogic Workbook recently and I was pretty excited.  We have just started learning cursive writing this year in homeschool plus I have an older public school student who never really learned cursive correctly.  I decided to use this opportunity to help my oldest learn how to use cursive the correct way and I am so glad I did.

Their easy to follow process made teaching my oldest cursive a breeze.  I am going to sum up the process using a lot of great information directly from the CursiveLogic website.  They have and now I have a great deal of pride and faith in their simple process.  I couldn't believe the results that this workbook gave my son.  There are a few things that make CursiveLogic stand out during the teaching of cursive writing,  The process works by group letters by shape, using letter strings, color coding, verbal task analysis, and giving students the ability to write real words by the end of the first lesson.  Four basic shapes make up all the letters in the alphabet (I had no idea this was true until seeing this product), CursiveLogic teaches the letters that have similar shapes together which helps students "get" the letters.  They teach these letters using the letter strings which means right from the get go students are connecting letters and in result successfully writing cursive as soon as they get started.  Each letter has a set color that helps the students remember each group of letter shapes.  Saying an action verbally as it is done helps a student to remember the action and CursiveLogic uses this trick and it works!! My favorite part is that by the end of the first lesson the student is writing real words.  This helps motivate the student much more then learning letters individually and having to wait until the end of a curriculum to put them all together.

My oldest use the $29.00 CursiveLogic Workbook daily and had great success.  He is so happy to finally be able to write cursive correctly and we were both impressed with how easy the process is.  I would absolutely suggest this product for teaching cursive and plan on using it to teach my younger ones.

CursiveLogic Review
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