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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Homeschool Planet...Review

Homeschool Planet Review
When you homeschool you have to come up with your own schedule, keep track of grades on your own, and somehow remember what you have completed each day.  Some curriculum come with aids that help you in this matter but what do you do when you aren't using said curriculum?  Homeschool Buyer's Co-op is a great site.  I have been using them since we first started homeschooling 4 years ago.  I love them so when an opportunity presented itself to review their digital planner program Homeschool Planet I decided I definitely wanted to check it out.  This is a very detailed online planner that you can use to track all of the things I mentioned above.  Homeschool planet prides itself on being flexible and easy to use.

I used this planner to help plan our upcoming school year.  It was a little confusing for me at first but I did eventually learn how to navigate most of the options.  Keep in mind I am not very gifted in the technology area.  This means for most people it should be much easier to navigate then it was for me.  If you aren't handy on a computer I probably would not recommend using this program.  Homeschool Planet allows you to track attendance, record grades, make a daily lesson plan, keep track of additional resources used and my personal favorite will help you print an official transcript.  It allows you to do much more.  Several of the options I haven't even utilized yet.  With younger kids there is only so much tracking I do...for those of you will older students this program has a lot of benefits.

Even though I was a bit confused to start with once you dive into the program you will be pleasantly surprised at all it has to offer.  Affordability is a a great plus because it is just that affordable.  You get a 30 day free trial to check out their program and then you can choose between paying $65 per year of a monthly rate of $6.95. In the end I decided this probably wasn't the planning program for me but only because I just don't need something this extensive yet.  Once my kids are in middle school and high school this will definitely be something  I revisit.  I would love to be able to take advantage of all the wonderful features.

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Homeschool Planet Review
Homeschool Planet Review
Homeschool Planet Review
Homeschool Planet Review
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Homeschool Planet Review
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