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Sunday, August 9, 2015

School Started Back....What We Are Doing in 2015-2016!!!

Tomorrow starts our 3rd week of school and we have survived!! Not only did we survive our first week of school but we also survived our first monthly co-op. The kids were so excited to see their friends and I was so excited to see my fellow Moms:-)  Our co-op has tripled in size since last year and it is so fun!! The kids are great!!

This year my Sis has joined us on our homeschooling adventure and she is teaching Kindergarten to my adorable niece.  Being next door neighbors means it is super easy for us to do school together.  It is nice to have a back up for my off days:-)  For our at home work we are using MobyMax as our supplemental computer curriculum for all four littles.  The main part of Kindergarten for the two newbies is Little House Curriculum an almost completely FREE curriculum that we love so far, it includes all subjects!!  The other two are using Institute of Excellence in Writing....Primary Arts of Language Reading and Writing Program, Math 2 curriculum, timeline unit study for History and as always hands on science. 

So far everything is going with only one hitch.  Bad boys are being plagued by bad dreams so sleeping in their beds has turned into an impossibility.  Tonight we read the story of the dreamcatcher and colored pictures of our own.  Tomorrow we are going to make actual ones.  So far so good; one hour later and everyone is still in their bed and there have been no tears. 

The oldest started highschool last week and so far he loves it!! ( He is in Public school) I am really enjoying hearing him talk about all of his classes and new experiences.  I know he will do great this year!!

We wrapped up our Sunday night with a huge family supper before Dad went to work and then hung out at the table doing homework and coloring.  It feels good to be getting back into our normal routine:-)

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