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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Adventure Homeschoolers of East TN

Just a little information about our group and the coinciding co-op. 

We have grown in numbers recently and that is a great thing.  After receiving a few emails and messages asking certain questions I felt like it would just be easier to make a general post and answer them all:-)

1. Who is in charge?  Well I guess that would be me, Alecia, I also have two admins Theresa and Candice.  The three of us do the majority of the field trip planning, etc BUT anyone is welcome to plan a trip.  Just create an event in group and have at it.

2.  What are the fees?  The only fees we have are the costs of field trips and co-op classes.  No one gets paid for setting up or hosting field trips.  The amount they charge is the amount the trip costs.  As for co-op classes we do charge for those but believe me when I say that we try very hard to keep it affordable.  The fee barely covers supplies and location rental for each class.  What is left goes to thank the teacher for his/her time teaching. 

3.  What are the qualifications of the people teaching the co-op?  While our experience varies the main qualification is that most of us homeschool our own kids, love kids in general, and are capable of  keeping everyone alive.  That is pretty much it;-)  We are parents not teachers and we are doing the co-op for our kids and your kids to get a different experience.  Any parent is welcome to teach a class if I have room on the schedule.  Also parents are welcome and encouraged to help out in classes but it is not required.

4.  What is the group like in general?  DIVERSE...we have secular and religious families and so far we have had 0 problems between the two.  On top of that we have many different types of people (some of us could be considered odd) and we have kids with all different abilities.  Everyone is welcome and we always have a great time even when things don't go as planned.  The main rule for our group is NO DRAMA.....Everyone is expected to be NICE and RESPECTFUL to everyone regardless of their differences.  I am not a mediator and if I do have to mediate I promise you won't like the way I do;-)

You can always contact me via email at, and also by tagging myself of the other admins on the group page.  Please keep in mind although we are really good about getting back to people ASAP sometimes things happen that prevent us from doing so.  We will respond back to you just as soon as we get a chance:-)

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