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Monday, August 17, 2015

The Wonder (Horror) of Teenagers

The wonder of teenagers…we will be nice and call it wonder because the horror of teenagers would scare people who have small, sweet children.  My beautiful, first born son is very close to being 14 years old and about two years ago he was taken over by some foreign life form.  I know I’m not the only Mom who has dealt with this…surely someone else has a sweet, wonderful child who has changed overnight into a sullen, smelly teenager.  A sullen, smelly teenager who suddenly thinks their parents are the most embarrassing and dumb people to ever grace the Earth.  It is a hard adjustment for us unsuspecting parents.  I mean just a short time ago we were the smartest, coolest people on Earth in the eyes of our children. 

How are we supposed to survive?  The first step is realizing that teenagers aren’t children.  They are in fact a terrifying combination of 25% adult, 25% child and 50% hormones.  It doesn’t matter if your precious spawn is a boy or a girl the hormones will be what just about does you in.  I mean they are wicked.  People think women are hormonal when that special “visitor” comes each month, or when they are going through the joy of pregnancy.  Women have nothing on teenagers.  Lock someone in a room with hormonal teenagers that are having a bad day and I guarantee that person will be crying within 5 minutes.

The hardest thing about this is while they are being all teenagery they are still your baby and you still love them dearly.  Although you might find yourself wanting to hide from them sometimes and that is perfectly normal.  Needless to say after enduring two years of this teenager I was not looking forward to him starting high school.  I mean I could only imagine how horrid things were going to get when he got extra freedom and extra time to socialize with others like himself.  We are now on our third week of high school and it is wonderful.  Don’t worry... I am being realistic and not getting my hopes up on it lasting forever but….. My sweet, wonderful child is back.  He has been in a great mood for three weeks; he has quit hibernating in his room.  Every evening he sits in the living room with me or at the table with us while he does his homework and then he spends hours having actual conversations with us.  He tells me about his classes, stories about his friends, what good and bad things happened during his day, etc.  And he does all of this without me having to ask a single question…he does it because he wants to talk to me!! 

I realize this may seem like a small thing for those that haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing the teenage years yet.  But for those of us that have and are this is a sign.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  You child will come back even if just for short periods of time.  Be strong and don’t let them beat you.... the reward is worth it ;-)

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