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Monday, September 28, 2015

Fractiles- Product Review Post- We LOVE these things!!!!

I want to do a quick post on one of my favorite products!! Fractiles, I purchased ours months ago from our favorite, local toy store... Imagination Forest.  My middle little is obsessed with magnets and my littlest little loves all small, interactive toys.  Fractiles fit both of those requirements.  Now months later we still use almost daily.  I have them use them during hands-on math and they use them on their own constantly just for fun. 

Fractiles is an assortment of magnetic shapes that you use to create different designs.  It is great for all ages.  It keeps the 5 year olds entertained, and it also keeps my 28 year old Sister entertained for hours.  The storage container it comes with gives you several ideas and instructions for designs and you can create tons all on your own.

This product encourages independent play and critical thinking skills!! I highly recommend adding this to your toy/school collection.  You won't regret it!! If you are local and decide to stop by Imagination Forest and get them personally be sure you check out all the rest of their super neat products.  If you aren't local or like me prefer to online shop then you can buy them from the store's website also and still check out some of their neat products;-)

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