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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Halloween Fun!! Enjoy These 7 Unique and Exciting Activities!!

Halloween is a big time of year in our house.  We love it!!! I always try to do a lot of Fall/Halloween themed activities with the kids.  I am going to share some of our favorites in this blog post.

The first one up is Glue and Chalk Pastel Pumpkin Art.  This was one I wasn't too sure about.  I worried the kiddos might be too young to complete it on their own but they rocked it out.  This art activity takes two days to complete or needs to be done in two steps one early in the morning and one later in the afternoon:-)

Salt, Black Glue, and Watercolor Fall Leaves 
This was one of our first successful experiments with salt and watercolors.  We had tried a couple before that did not turn out.  These were really neat though.  Once again this is a two day or two part activity the glue has to dry:-)

Shaving Cream and Paint Leaves
This activity is super easy and a definite crowd pleaser!!:-)

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin
This was a little more learning then just straight art but the kids still loved it!!:-)  And the finished products turned out great.

Melted Crayon Apples
This one was a lot of fun but definitely requires parent assistance.  I hadn't made these since I was little so the first couple we used as a learning curve;-)  But we finally got it right!!

Pumpkin Pie Playdoh
Who doesn't love playing with playdoh?? We do but we despise the way store bought smells so we make our own very often.  This playdoh recipe is a great smelling and feeling Fall activity:-)

 The last activity I am going to share is our absolute favorite Halloween activity.  Erupting Pumpkins never fail to be a huge hit!!! I love them almost as much as the kids and they are entertaining for kids of all ages!!! This works best with small pumpkins and an outdoor setting:-)

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