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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Homeschooling..Do You Need A Room?

I read a blog post earlier today that made me think.  Now granted I am one big walking hormone these days but still I have been thinking on it every since.  It was an article about how to homeschool if you didn't have a school room.  Now I am not going to knock having a room or space dedicated to homeschooling, it is great to have a place to keep everything but if you manage to contain it to that room please let me know;-) 

This is our 4th year homeschooling and I quickly learned homeschooling can not be contained to a space, or a room.  Homeschooling spreads all over your house and in reality it is a lifestyle change. 

We have done it both ways.  I started with no school room, then made a room (which we never stayed in and was basically just a storage space), then went back to no school room.  The majority of our school stuff stays in our dining room but if you look around our house you will find it in many other places.  Book on top of the dog crate, papers on the kitchen counter, notebooks and computer stuff in the living room corner.  Plus the kids tend to sneak into the official school supplies and hoard them in their bedrooms. 

Now when I started our homeschool adventure 4 years ago I did not expect it to be a lifestyle change.  I pulled my then 5th grader our to homeschool him for a half a year with then intentions of putting him back into public school the following year and starting my younger three in public school as they got old enough.  But we had the most amazing half of the year.  Now he did return to public school and he excels there but I loved the freedom homeschooling offered us.  So when it came time for the younger ones to start school, my Husband and I decided to try homeschool.  The key word there is TRY...we had no clue if it would work.  The people that really know me knew that I am not what comes to mind when you think of a homeschooling Mom.  Now we love it and couldn't imagine any other lifestyle.

My point is homeschooling is a decision that is based on so much more besides whether or not you have the space.  Because in the end even if you have that space it will still take over other areas of your life.  Make a decision and remember you can do it..whether you have tons of space or no space....if you want to homeschool you can do it!!!  

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