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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Shark Week 2016!!!

I can't believe we are this far into shark week and my crew has done nothing!! We LOVE shark week!!  I decided this morning I needed to get a game plan so I thought I would share that game plan with you;-)

I am going to start by sharing some activities we have done in the past!!

Shark Finger Painting Project!!

Chalk/Oil Pastel Shark Art Project

How to Draw and Paint a Shark...

Shark Diorama

And last but not least Shark JAWS!!!

My kids still remember and love all of the activities I listed above:-)  Next I am going to share some super neat ideas I found on Pinterest that I am going to attempt with my crew over the next few days!!  Lego Sharks, I mean my kids love Legos everyday so why not let them enjoy them during shark week?  These FREE printable shark facts  are great for older kids and I know my boys will be fascinated!!  This next craft is super cute and affordable plus I think even the littles will have fun with it Newspaper Shark Craft!!  The last thing I found is probably the one we are going to do first it looks like so much fun and turns out beautiful...Coffee filter shark suncatchers!!
Okay and then shark week won't be complete without some books, right???  My kids have so many shark books.  Here are some of our favorites!!

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I hope you have fun exploring the World of sharks this week!!!

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