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Friday, November 28, 2014

12 Days of Christmas....Giving Gifts Instead of Getting Gifts

Last year my Husband and I started the tradition of "25 Gifts of December"  with our boys.  We will continue that, but this year I wanted to add something new. While I was having a midnight phone conversation with a friend she mentioned doing random acts of kindness with her son.  Now I tried that last year on a large scale and it just didn't work for us.  BUT I want to try something similar again so she started the wheels in my brain spinning.  I have decided to do the 12 Days of Christmas but instead of the boys receiving gifts they will pick one person per day to do some little something extra for.  As December progresses I will post updates but I have already decided the base for our 12 days.


Day 1- Make something sweet for someone sweet
Day 2- Do a good deed for someone who does good deeds for you often though-out the year
Day 3- Cook a meal for someone
Day 4- Buy a small gift for someone you love that you think will be helpful to them
Day 5- Clean something for someone else
Day 6- Make a Christmas ornament for someone
Day 7- Draw/Paint a Christmas picture for someone
Day 8- Write someone important to you a letter telling them why they are important
Day 9- Write a letter to yourself telling yourself why you are important
Day 10- Random Day (Pick anything you want to do as long as it is nice and for someone else)
Day 11- Go a whole day without saying anything negative to anyone (including your siblings)
Day 12- Tell your siblings why you love them

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