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Friday, November 28, 2014

Do You Have Indoor Animals?? Kids?? Husbands?? This is a Must Read!!!

Today a new oil arrived, I am so impressed with Purification Essential Oil.  This oil is great at eliminating odors and in my house that is always needed!!! I have a wonderful Husband, two teenagers, three more kiddos under the age of ten, two indoor BIG dogs, and two rabbits, oh and a fish but he doesn't really smell;-)  My point is there is always something unpleasant to smell in my house so I LOVE this oil. 
1.  I mixed 10 drops and two cups of water in a spray bottle and I had a spray that made my fur babies smell wonderful!!! I hate that "dog" smell so our dogs get bathed once a week but at the end of the week they still stink.  I sprayed them with this today and it worked so well they may get to skip their weekend baths.  I'm posting pictures of my smelly friends just so everyone knows I wasn't lying about their size!!

2.  I love is a staple in our house but guess what...... when you add a couple of drops of Purification to it you get SUPER Febreeze!!! It works so much better now and leaves the rooms smelling much fresher.

3.  I put it on cotton balls and stuck them in my vacuum cleaner, shoe baskets, and the teenage boy's closet.  Those musty odors are's AMAZING!!!

4.  By simply placing a couple of drops directly on my air filter I made the clean smell circulate through the whole house!!!

So if you are like me and love for your house to smell and feel clean but have about a dozen reasons why that doesn't happen often you must TRY out this oil!!!  Go to my Young Living Website to order yours today!! Don't forget if you register as a Wholesale Member instead of a retail customer then you can get all these great oils at WHOLESALE prices!!!!

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