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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bathroom...What It Means For Men vs. What It Means For Women

As I scroll through social media I notice a growing trend.  Moms talking about the fact that their bathroom time is continuously interrupted.  The other trend is you don't ever hear Dad's complaining about this.  When men go to the bathroom and shut the door everyone leaves them alone unless there is an emergency.....when women go to the bathroom and shut the door the polar opposite happens.  I used to think it was just my house but now I know that I am not alone.  It is an annoying situation across the World. 

See in our house when Dad goes to the bathroom whether it is to pee, do the dreaded number 2 or take a shower he gets to do these things in peace.  The kids will come in and ask "Mom where is Dad?"  I say He's in the bathroom and they turn around and walk away to wait.  They will allow him unlimited time to finish whatever it is he is doing.  If I'm in the bathroom doing the same I will hear them ask and be answered then just continue on their way to my bathroom door.  I have been interrupted in all stages of bathroom duties, from having a kid jerk back the shower curtain to ask me a question about Lego's, to having one demand a peanut butter and jelly sandwich whiles I'm sitting on the so called toilet and not being able to convince them that they won't starve if they will just let me finish.  My personal favorite is the time the whole house (including my Husband) gathered outside the door to sit on and in front of the washer to carry on a conversation while I was in the tub.  That night I was simply happy they left the door shut.

The point here is men will never know just how lucky they are when it comes to bathroom privacy.  They will never know the joy of seeing little hands peeking under the closed door because they just miss you so much, or the frustration of trying to shower while answering  numerous pointless questions with an open shower curtain letting in a freezing draft, or my favorite the humiliation of trying to hold the door shut and yelling "just a sec" while trying to finish that "female" thing.

For men the bathroom is an escape, a throne if you may...for women it is a small torture chamber where they are constantly running a race against time and toddlers;-)  Don't get me wrong on most days most of us Moms find it cute and maybe even a little flattering but on other days it makes us want a drink of tequila!!!

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