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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Day My Husband Made the Biggest Mistake of Our Marriage....Horror Stories From Pregnancy

So for those that haven't heard my Husband is about as close to perfect as possible.  He really is amazing, he works so much, he helps me so much with the kids, etc.  I am nowhere near perfect and on my best day I am very complicated and exhausting to deal with.  This morning well this morning he made a huge mistake.  I've only been really mad at him one time during our let's call that his biggest mistake and we will downgrade today to the second biggest mistake;-) 

This morning we overslept, which is a common occurrence for us lately.  Between him working his tail off on third shift and me well you know growing a human waking up hasn't been easy.  So this meant Dalton missed the bus and would have to delivered to school.  Upon delivery I texted my lovely Husband and ask him to grab biscuits for breakfast.  I told him I didn't want sausage but Burger King would be good and I wanted a bacon, egg and cheese crossaint and a bowl of soft serve ice cream.  He said he was going to McDonalds and I said okay no ice cream just a chicken biscuit.  Now sure at this point I could of said I still want you to go to Burger King for ice cream (they have really good ice cream) but I didn't. 

Imagine my shock when he came home with just a chicken biscuit and no ice cream!! I'm pregnant, it's 8:00 a.m. and the second biggest mistake my Husband has made is coming in the door without MY ICE CREAM!! I mean this is kid number four for him has he not learned by now?!?!?!  Now I realize this is an irrational reason to be agitated but boy was I agitated.  I handled it maturely though, I didn't scream and act like a crazy lady ( if you know me you know how hard that was for me).  Instead I sat in silence and pouted dramatically while I picked apart my chicken biscuit.  I mean he is laughing at me pouting but he had no idea his pregnant wife wanted to stab him with a spoon over ice cream!! Some of you may think I'm crazy but you have to understand...the ice cream from Burger King is really good!!!!! In the end he said we would stop on the way to our Doctors appointment at noon but hello that is like two hours away, I guess I'll take it and try to move on.

Our marriage survived his first big mistake I guess we can survive his second one;-)  Although love his heart in the true style of a woman I will probably still be bitching about the forgotten ice cream years down the road!!

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