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Friday, May 6, 2016

Mother's Day SALE...$25 cash back Young Living Essential Oil Premium Starter Kit

I brag about essential oils pretty often.  I love them!!! The benefits for our family have been huge!!! I wish I had started using them years ago.  Now we use the cleaners, beauty products, and even nutrition products created with oils by the same company.  Once you make the change and start incorporating essential oils into your lifestyle you will NEVER regret it!!! 

I am offering a huge special on my Drop It Like It's Hot Facebook page!! 
Check it out below...It is a great deal!!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!! Are you a Mom or a Grandmother or would you like to purchase a kit for a Mom or Grandmother? My team is offering $25 off/cash back on any premium starter kit. That means you can get a premium starter kit and 24% off all future purchases for ONLY $135!!! This is a GREAT deal!!! It works like this as soon as you order I will send you $25 immediately either via paypal or in snail choose!!! This sale will be active from NOON TODAY UNTIL 8P.M. ON SUNDAY!!:-)

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